Proxy Advisors in Germany: Exploring Key Similarities and Differences

Understanding the positions of Germany’s dominant proxy advisors, including Glass Lewis, ISS, and BVI on issues such as executive compensation, independence, diversity, and corporate strategy is crucial to successfully prepare your shareholder meetings. This summary of their guidelines explores key issues and highlights similarities and differences.

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Nine top tips for direct engagement

Direct engagement between IR teams and portfolio managers is on the rise, often facilitated by buy-side corporate access. Make use of nine top tips from leading IROs on how to reach out, what to include in your outreach and how to get the meetings you need.

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Key elements of a great investor presentation.

Having a well-outlined investor presentation will attract investors and support you in positioning your investment case. In this article you will read about what investors look for when being interested in learning more about your company and its recent developments.

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Investor Targeting Strategies

A strategic approach to investor targeting.

This article discusses how successful investor targeting will combine a top down and a bottom up approach. Why peer group selection goes beyond industry peers. How the bottom up approach scrutinizes the top down results. How to plan the engagement strategy and monitor results to make investor targeting part of a continuous investor relations process.

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