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Actionable feedback to improve investor engagement

Learn more about successful investor feedback generation in this article authored by ACCNITE and published in IR Society's informed issue 114.

informed | Improving investor feedback through actionable feedback

Article | informed 114

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In its informed issue 114 IR Society has published an article authored by ACCNITE.

Successful investor engagement is driven by an intentional, consistent approach from the IR team and C-suite executives, and it means building a relationship with the investor. At the core of any relationship are listening skills, which help you better understand your investor, improve your ability to learn from interactions and allow you to personalise future content. Your ability to generate meaningful and actionable feedback improves your ability to forge those all-important long term investor relationships.

The article focuses on generating actionable feedback from investors and covers:

  1. Key challenges of feedback collection
  2. Best ways to attract meaningful feedback
  3. Smooth feedback process
  4. Key aspects for high response rates
  5. Investor engagement based on results


Follow this link to informed114 to read the full article on pages 26 and 27 of the magazine.

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Picture of Christian Bacherl

Christian Bacherl

Christian is one of the founders of ACCNITE. Prior to founding ACCNITE, he spent more than 20 years in investment banking where was responsible for various equity capital markets, equity research and corporate brokerage teams.

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