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Finding and Engaging New Investors: Leveraging AI for Precision Targeting

Discover how AI revolutionizes investor targeting strategies in European IR. Learn about personalized approaches, dispelling AI myths, and achieving balanced AI-human collaboration. Join us for the upcoming workshop on AI and targeting.
Investor Targeting using artificial intelligence

Is finding and engaging new investors among your top IR challenges in 2024? Then leveraging AI for precision targeting will be high up on your agenda.

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Introduction to the Article

In the rapidly evolving landscape of investor relations (IR), European professionals are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to refine their targeting strategies. This article explores the transformative impact of AI on investor engagement, emphasizing its ability to analyse data swiftly and accurately to identify compatible investors.

By harnessing AI’s power, IR professionals can personalize their approach, matching investors based not only on obvious traits but also on nuanced preferences and interests. While dispelling the myth of AI as a ‘black box,’ the article advocates for a balanced approach, combining AI’s analytical prowess with human expertise.

Join us at IR Forum Europe 2024

Join us on March 7, 2024, in London at IR Forum Europe to discuss relevant use cases, challenges and pitfalls of AI in IR. Use our code ACCNITE20 for 20% off when booking your seats.

To read the full article, visit IR Magazine.



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