The investor relations solution to generate actionable results.

Take control of your investor data, engagement history and target investor analysis to improve visibility and meet your strategic goals.

Effectively engage with investors who are right for you.

As an IRO, you constantly have to stay on top of a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities. Keeping track of your data should not be an additional task on top of your busy schedule. Let our investor relations solution do the work: Track your investors throughout their journey and engage long term with investors who are aligned with your strategic goals.

Manage and expand your investor base.

Connect your proprietary data with our database to analyse and act upon comprehensive investor insights. Expand your investor base with the help of the AI-powered investor targeting tool. Track your meeting schedules or organise no-broker roadshows yourself. Understand investor perception and make it easy for investors to provide feedback. Improve team collaboration and simplify board reporting – all with one integrated investor relations solution.

Stay on top of shifts in your
investor base.

Take a deep dive into your investor base. Analyse the composition of your institutional investors, from highly aggregated data right down to portfolio level. See who has been buying and selling so you are ready to act on insights.

Know your target

Targeting investors can be an arduous task. Leaving it to third parties carries the risk of conflicts of interest. Utilise AI to identify investors who are a good fit for you. Use efficient scoring to understand the quality of the match and scrutinise their portfolio to gauge the target’s relevance.

Build lasting
investor relationships.

Allow for efficient meeting preparation to make the most of your air time with investors. Connect your engagement history with our comprehensive data on assets under responsibility, portfolio KPIs, investment behaviour and investor potential.

ACCNITE onDemand gives us and our investors a high degree of flexibility in organising individual roadshow meetings across different time zones. The application supports us in identifying potential new investors and offers us scalable solutions in investor relations management.
Sebastian Weis
Associate Director PATRIZIA SE

Provide direct access and track your broker-organised events.

An increasing number of investors expect to be contacted directly for management meetings. Our direct access tool makes inviting your contacts and allocating meetings a simple task. You can also use it to track your broker-organised and investor-conference-based meetings.

Make investor communication a two-way street.

‘Investors don’t like to give feedback’ is a line we often hear. That may be true, but you can now make it easy for investors to help you understand how they perceive your company. Use our integrated feedback tool to design a bespoke after-meeting survey and enable your counterparts to share confidential investor feedback with just a few clicks.

Pursue an
impact-oriented approach.

Keep a close eye on your team’s activities and measure their impact. Learn from your own work by connecting your proprietary data with shareholder activities. See what works for your company and optimise your approach based on results.

Investor relations CRM

Never miss
an opportunity.

Assign tasks and follow-ups to members of your team. Set yourself reminders to keep your investor engagement on schedule. Send investor communication directly from your CRM system. Collaborate with your team members through chat and messaging tools.

Put an end to the stress of
board reporting.

Board reporting can be time intensive if you have to collect the data manually. Generate automated board reports at event level as well as for periodic reporting. If you are looking for information that requires thinking outside the box, try using the extensive services included in your subscription at no extra charge.

ACCNITE onDemand features at a glance.

Connected data

Investor relations CRM


Ready to streamline your investor relations workflow and improve the impact of your operations?

Full support during your onboarding phase as well as during your day-to-day operations.

Our system was designed for IR professionals who have no interest in operating complex software systems. Our contemporary user interface ensures a smooth user experience supported by simple click and drag-and-drop functionality. Leave the preparation work to us. We will take care of transferring your data history to ensure you can move seamlessly to ACCNITE onDemand. Our introductory workshops will help your team members become familiar with the tool’s features and increase user adoption.
We will always be available to offer immediate support during your day-to-day operations.

Learn first-hand how you can benefit from a fully integrated investor relations software solution.

We offer interested users a 7-day free trial phase. Our experts will be glad to provide you with advice and support during the trial phase so that you can get to know all facets of the application.

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