Take a New Approach to Investor Access
with our Corporate Access Platform

Digital. Direct. Intuitive.
Bring your investor relations to a new level: Manage your relationships with your investor or corporate contacts directly. Agree private and group meetings in a seamless and digital process. Personal or virtual meetings. It is completely up to you. Take control of who you want to meet when and why. Benefit from a bilateral and fully digital feedback loop and apply stringent analytics.

Online platform for investor relations

A cloud-based platform for companies and investors offering hassle-free access management.
Easy to use and mobile friendly.
Select target investors & companies

Match suitable contacts and generate leads based on pre-defined criteria.

Organise roadshows & meetings

Initiate and arrange meetings and video calls online.

Control the feedback loop

Customise the exclusively bilateral feedback. Benefit from ratings and reviews.

Corporate analytics

Analyse your corporate relations activities in real-time.

Build your investor network

Use the chat feature to stay in touch and get questions out of the way quickly.

Works on all devices

Out and about or in the office: use the app on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

API based CRM integration

Integrate your data with your existing CRM or simply use the platform's data manager.

Cost efficiency

Save time and money thanks to the digitial approach and no event-based charging.

The IR network advantage

Benefit from the community of buy-side and IR professionals.

Investor coverage & corporate access

ACCNITE onDemand
For corporate clients
Interact with institutional investors from across the globe and manage your dialogues from planning to execution.

ACCNITE onDemand
For institutional investors
Be in charge of who you meet and when you meet.


This is what our customers have to say.

Our clients

See how ACCNITE onDemand simplifies corporate and investor access.

Our idea to create a corporate access platform was born with the announcement of the first details of MiFID II. It was clear from the start that investor relations officers would have to reinvent themselves to some extent, taking responsibility for investor access themselves. Their only other alternative would be to rely on expensive corporate brokerage contracts for small caps or to deal with a larger number of brokers and investment banks than had previously been necessary in order to reach the desired number of institutional investors.

For institutional investors, MiFID II would make it desirable to rely less on intermediaries and instead reach out to IR departments and CFOs directly, taking corporate relationship management and the corresponding investments and investment targets into their own hands.

We saw this as creating several inefficiencies, wasting valuable time and money. Besides, much of how our clients experienced corporate brokerage, corporate access and investor access had changed little in recent years.

It was time to take a fresh approach, digitalising another segment of investor relations in order to provide the tools that could simplify tying up all the loose ends, as well as increasing the efficiency of institutional investor to IR exchange and helping to leverage the exchange of information and thoughts through meaningful feedback procedures which would be exclusive to the portfolio manager or buy-side analyst giving the feedback and the investor relations professional and CFO/CEO receiving it. The goal was to increase the efficiency and ease of execution of investor and corporate access while using technology to bring down costs.

Simplifying corporate access: that's what it is all about!

Thanks to advances in information technology, we created a digital platform specifically aimed at professionals in investor relations departments and CFOs, as well as investment professionals in the institutional investor arena. A move towards digital investor relations with both corporate and investment management representatives benefitting from the digital exchange of information facilitated by the provision of IR analytics tools and increased transparency.

The world is constantly evolving. While IR was very much a travel-based job in the past, involving roadshows and investors resorting to investment conferences in order to manage their corporate access costs, meetings are now moving online, with virtual meetings and virtual access becoming the new normal. To us, this is all the same, no matter whether it is a digital investor meeting or a traditional investor meeting. It is all about simplifying access, digitalising both the event management and feedback processes in order to better analyse the impact of the participants’ work and help our users to be more effective and efficient every day. We view this as our contribution to reducing shareholder serving costs, supporting asset managers’ bottom lines and improving capital markets’ overall efficiency.

Join ACCNITE onDemand’s network and become part of an exciting journey in IR digitalisation. For us, this is just the beginning, and we look forward to developing digital IR together with our valued user base.
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