Investor targeting based on AI.
Is the machine the better broker? ​

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The first question from IR professionals regarding investor targeting with the help of artificial intelligence is usually, ‘but aren’t the results coming from a black box?’

They don’t have to be. Follow the webcast to look inside the box. Which approach are we using? How do the algorithms work? How are they trained? Why do they deliver superior results to conventional approaches? How can you test, if a target makes sense to you?

You don’t have to be a data scientist to follow the webcast. We make the results of machine learning explainable.

Maria Töpfer​

Maria is one of the founders of ACCNITE onDemand. She started her career in investment banking. During her roles in Equity Capital Markets and Equity Syndication, her responsibilities included target investor identification and the organisation of investor outreach.

Dr. Volker Stümpflen​

Volker is responsible for Data Science and AI at ACCNITE onDemand. Before joining he worked in different industries as well as in academic research always focusing on Big Data and AI topics. Most recently Volker developed targeting solutions for digital marketing and AI-based recommender systems for video-on-demand.

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