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Key elements of a great investor presentation.

Having a well-outlined investor presentation will attract investors and support you in positioning your investment case. In this article you will read about what investors look for when being interested in learning more about your company and its recent developments.

A multi-purpose resource

Your investor presentation will have to serve multiple purposes. To ensure all investors have access to the same deck of information about your company it will have to work with existing investors as well as investors with previous knowledge about your company. You are likely to use your investor presentation during investor meetings and to provide the latest copy in the IR section of your company’s website without a voiceover. Your website’s IR section will be visited by buy and sell-side sector experts, institutional generalists as well as retail.

At the same time your investor presentation will be a focal point for everyone trying to get an overview of your company. Their expectation is that the investor presentation will provide all the need to knows in the most condensed form.

Start with why

Catching the investors’ attention right at the start is crucial. The first slides or minutes decide about the level of their interest as you continue with your investor presentation. It is therefore best to start with answering the most pressing question first. “Why should I invest?” Provide the reasons by highlighting the key building blocks of your investment story at the start. These building blocks will set the tone and provide an outline of the content of your presentation. You may also decide to state your organisation’s vision or mission right at the beginning which serves just as well as a great introduction. The presentation of key facts and figures allows your audience to find out what your business is about. 

Highlight market attractiveness

Once you have set the scene point out the challenges your company addresses. It is often useful to describe current and expected developments resulting in market opportunities. Investors will take away that there is a growth potential present from which they can benefit from when investing in your stock.

Provide your UVP

Continue with your company’s unique value proposition by highlighting any products and services your company offers that are of great value to your clients. You may look at the results of ongoing or latest customer surveys to include the most recent features. 

Address your business activities in more detail. Often the business segmentation lays out the structure for this part. Alternatively, the presentation of your product offering, or value chain will equally serve well. This section will be of particular interest for investors with sector-specific portfolios. A better understanding of your products, services, and technologies in use is the outcome of this chapter. It will be great to include case studies and demonstrate your track record. This part is also well suited to state some high-level information on your client base.

No ESG - no investment case

More and more assets are managed following environmental, social and governance criteria. Incorporate how your company addresses ESG and consider illustrating your ESG roadmap. In case ESG is inherent in your business activities you will highlight it throughout the slide deck. Your ESG roadmap may even be part of your key investment criteria stated at the start of your presentation. 

Your people make the difference

Presenting your management team next will back your investment case. Investors will want to be assured that your company has comprehensive expertise on board. It will be one of the most important soft factors among a portfolio manager’s list of investment criteria. Especially when you are meeting an investor for the first time, it is important to earn the investor’s trust. This section goes beyond CV and track record. Investors will want to know whether senior management has skin in the game in the form of company shares and/or the management remuneration system. Apart from the market environment investors will factor the management’s performance in their ultimate decision to a great extent.

Financials that matter

The following slides are devoted to your company’s financials. Investors and other stakeholders acting as multipliers should be presented with your key performance indicators before digging deeper into your financial statements. Apart from sector-specific metrics, being a growth or value stock will decide which line items you focus on. Your company’s guidance is also part of this section.

Especially if you are looking for long-term shareholders who like to hold on to investments for years, it will be hugely beneficial to expand on your long term plan, KPIs and milestones to track your progress.

Prepare the investor journey

In the end your investor presentation should provide the most distinguishable elements of your investment story. A well-drafted investor presentation supports you in conveying the right messages to investors. When deciding on the structure and content factor in what potential target investors should take away and on which items you want the following investor interactions to be based on. Apart from your website and presence in various media channels presenting your investment case to potential investors will impact future touchpoints during the investor journeys.

Receiving investors’ feedback after meetings or calls will help you in further developing your investor presentation. Today’s tools provide great opportunities to generate actionable feedback. You may want to read our article entirely dedicated to investor feedback and learn how you can benefit from feedback along your investor journey.

Useful thoughts

Stay below 30 slides: Your presentation should not contain more than 25 content slides. This allows investors and other stakeholders to receive a comprehensive overview. When presenting your equity story in calls and meetings it provides great room for discussions as well. 

Avoid jargon: In case you want to use abbreviations common in your sector you should decide to include a short glossary at the very end of your presentation. This will ease readability or listening.

Use charts: Working with charts and graphics is always a good idea. Do not limit tables and graphs to the financial section, but also include graphics in other parts to convey your messages.

Keep it up to date: Make sure your investor presentation is updated with your latest business developments including trading updates.

Structure appendix: Move any slides that do not qualify for the main part into the appendix, but try to avoid overloading it, and instead keeping it short and well structured. Your company organisation structure or your competitive landscape might be information which is relevant but still well placed in the appendix.


  • Catch investors’ attention right at the start by providing a concise outline of your investment story and stating your company’s long-term view
  • Ensure you come up with investment criteria generalists and sector specialists benefit from at the same time when adding your stock to their portfolio
  • Add credence to your investment case by demonstrating your existing track record
  • With more and more investment decisions being based on sustainable criteria make sure your presentation addresses the ESG framework

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