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Shareholder Disclosure with ACCNITE onDemand

ACCNITE onDemand will integrate Proxymity's SRD II compliant shareholder disclosure reports into our comprehensive investor relations application. This collaboration will allow our users to include Share ID reports, sourced through Proxymity, directly into their workflows.

Introducing a Powerful Collaboration: ACCNITE onDemand Teams Up with Proxymity

We are excited to announce that ACCNITE onDemand has teamed up with Proxymity, a leading digital investor communications platform, to provide a seamless integration of shareholder ID reports into our investor relations application. This collaboration is a step forward in our continual pursuit of providing listed companies with comprehensive and efficient investor relations solutions.

ACCNITE onDemand, a European provider of investor relations services, has always been at the forefront of simplifying investor relations workflows. With our focus on investor engagement, shareholder insights, and investor targeting, we are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our capabilities through a partnership with Proxymity.

Why Proxymity

Proxymity, a trusted partner for the world’s largest financial institutions, is renowned for connecting issuers, intermediaries, and investors digitally in real time. This brings unprecedented transparency, efficiency, and accuracy to traditional processes.

Full integration into ACCNITE's suite of IR tools

As part of our agreement, ACCNITE onDemand will integrate Proxymity’s SRD II compliant shareholder disclosure reports into our comprehensive investor relations application. This collaboration will allow our users to include Share ID reports, sourced through Proxymity, directly into their workflows. This means that listed companies can now integrate their detailed shareholder reports into our platform with ease.

This fully digital process facilitates a deeper understanding of shareholder data, allowing companies to focus their investor relations activities more strategically and with greater confidence. The integration of Proxymity’s reports into our platform will significantly enhance a listed company’s intelligence on its investor base, equipping them with the tools they need to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their IR work.

Clear user benefit

Our collaboration with Proxymity signifies our commitment to providing a powerful and efficient tool for listed companies to better understand their investor base. We believe that this partnership will benefit our users by providing them with an even more comprehensive and seamless IR solution.

At ACCNITE onDemand, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that help you build long-term relationships with the right investors. We look forward to seeing how this new partnership with Proxymity will enhance your experience with our platform.

Further information

For more information about this partnership and the benefits it offers to listed companies, visit accnite-ondemand.com or proxymity.io.

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About Proxymity

Proxymity connects the world’s ecosystem of issuers, intermediaries, and investors digitally in real time, bringing unprecedented transparency, efficiency, and accuracy to traditional paper-based processes. Trusted by the world’s largest financial institutions, it is the leading digital investor communications platform, serving over twenty-five markets world-wide. 

Proxymity’s ground-breaking technology has also been recognised industry-wide, with recent awards including FSTech’s “Most Disruptive Technology in the FinTech Sector” and GC Magazine’s “FinTech of the Year 2022”.

Our solutions give public companies confidence that their AGM/EGM agendas are transmitted as “golden source” and provide institutional investors with the time to research and vote on corporate decisions, as well as actual digital confirmation that their votes have been received. The digital-native platform, built on highly scalable technology, provides full compliance with the latest regulations such as the Shareholder Rights Directive (SRD II).

Proxymity promotes enhanced environmental, social, and governance (ESG) by improving communication between issuers and investors while making it easier for intermediaries to provide efficient, timely and compliant client service.

The company is backed by a global consortium of the industry’s most influential financial institutions, representing seven of the world’s top ten Global Custodians managing over $200 trillion in assets under custody (BNP Paribas, BNY Mellon, Citi, Computershare, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Börse, HSBC, J.P. Morgan, Mediant, State Street).

For more information, visit www.proxymity.io 

Proxymity media contact: K.Hamilton@proxymity.io

Max Gerber

Max Gerber

Max is Curator of Customer Success and Customer Development at ACCNITE. Max started his professional career as a sell-side equity research analyst where he focused on listed real estate companies in the DACH-region. During his time in equity research Max lead the coverage of 8 companies. His responsibilities included various deal-related situations including IPOs and capital increases. Together with C-Levels and IROs he met investors on roadshows globally. Following his tenure on the sell-side, Max switched sides to become an IRO himself for a German mid-cap company. His day to day tasks comprised institutional investor engagement where Max represented his company at numerous conferences and events. Further responsibilities included the organisation of the AGM, coordination of annual and quarterly reports and peer group or market analyses. Max holds an M.A. in International Business and Finance and is a certified Real Estate Economist from the International Real Estate Business School. As disciplined strength athlete he knows what it means to set the bar high.

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