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Webcast | Investor Targeting based on Artificial Intelligence.

The 15 minute webcast provides an insight how machine learning and artificial intelligence tackle the investor targeting challenge. It highlights the parallels and differences to more traditional approaches and compares the results and efforts.
Investor Targeting using artificial intelligence

Duration: 15 minutes

Webcast | Investor targeting based on AI.

The first question from IR professionals regarding investor targeting with the help of artificial intelligence is usually, ‘but aren’t the results coming from a black box?’

They don’t have to be. Follow the webcast to look inside the box.

Investor targeting based on AI. Is the machine the better broker?

In this webcast, we are discussing:

  • What is the traditional method for investor targeting and which pitfalls exist when applying conventional approaches?
  • What opportunities does artificial intelligence provide for tackling investor targeting?
  • How do the algorithms work and how are they trained?
  • How can you test if a target makes sense to you?
  • What’s the difference in results and why does AI based investor targeting deliver superior results to conventional approaches?


You don’t have to be a data scientist to follow the webcast. We make the results of machine learning explainable

Speakers are

  • Volker Stümpflen, Partner Data Science and AI, ACCNITE
  • Maria Töpfer, Managing Partner, ACCNITE


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Volker Stümpflen​

Volker Stümpflen​

Volker heads ACCNITE onDemand's development team and is personally in charge of AI and Big Data. He has more than 20 years of experience in big data applications and developing AI based technologies in different industries such as TMT, biomedicine and fintech.

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